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Our Wednesday location is QUARTERDECK restaurantquarterdeck in Umatilla on Hwy 19.  Game time  is 6:30pm.  Win PRIZES!  Great food! 




011  Join us  on Tuesdays at our Downtown Tavares location on Tuesdays at 6:30pm:  Lake Dora Sushi & Sake.  

Lake Dora logoArrive early and check out the menu!  Win Gift Cards annnd SAKE!!!  


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Lake County is the place to be for FOOD & FUN!!!   ALL GAMES BEGIN AT 6:30pm.

TableTop Trivia locations:  Lake Dora Sushi & Sake (Downtown Tavares) and  Quarterdeck (Umatilla on Hwy 19). 

Please visit our host restaurants often – check out their breakfast & lunch specials  &  other events.

Lake Dora Sushi & Sake has a Trivia Menu for Monday nights, including Chicken Fingers, Fish & Chips, Poppers, Salads, and Soups.  Japanese menu & sushi still available, too!  

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Wednesdays in Umatilla:  quarterdeck  Hwy 19